Geologic sample photo

Geologic sample photo or “GSP” as abbreviation, it will be my new blog series which I’ll publishing my photos of samples we’re encountering by core drilling. I aim to start an open discussion about each samples will be publish here in this blog series. I’m good at identifying rock, but not perfect. So this blog series is about sharing knowledge about drilling, sampling, identifying, and geologic description (geology salad). I don’t know what is the best for other geologist/readers to get an information about the geology of the area?. Should I mention the coordinates of borehole where I take the sample photo or just mention the area?. By the way we don’t have a cutting and grinding machine or petrographic microscope; wish they built a portable one for using it out in the field for those geologist who didn’t go to lab or can’t wait the result for lab test especially when your lab far away from the field about 1200km. But who’s that crazy geologist that will make thin section on the field!. OK, drop that portable microscope idea and let back to core photos. Here I published three photos for one sample taken by core drilling at two meter in depth in Afif, Saudi Arabia for what I think it’s brown granite, but I’m not sure…


GSP #1 core sample in Afif, KSA.

GSP #1 Photo 2

4 colour minerals in a core sample of a rock

GSP #1 Photo 3: Four colour minerals in a core sample of a rock.

3 thoughts on “Geologic sample photo

  1. I think this column can be a useful forum for discussion, if there is a clear purpose. Simply showing photos is interesting, but is it educational/useful? Also, be sure not to use abbreviations your end-users might not be familiar with. For Example, what country is “KSA”? Also, a littlebackground on the geology of the are where samples are taken would be useful.

    • Thank you for feedback! Well, I think the purpose is clear it is sharing knowledge. In your opinion How can showing sample photos be educational/useful?. I’m using abbreviations just for attracting readers not to sophisticate the information they’re reading (KSA is a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). I will mention little background about geology of the area, if it available.

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