Origin of Wadi Elbattekh – وادي البطيخ Accretionary Wedge #36

This month is a tough  Accretionary Wedge announced by Geosciblog:

“What do you regret leaving behind at a geological locality?”

In other words, what samples, specimens, or even photographs do you regret “not getting enough of”?

OK, Wadi Elbattekh or وادي البطيخ my translation is “Watermelon Valley” it’s a Wadi filled with strange rock shape and very soft in touch (Like talc without leaving powder trace in your hand). I think the origin of this rocks is still a mystery. In the photos below you see how it’s beauty and strange in shape. Unfortunately no result or data about that wadi on internet!

Wadi Elbattekh, Kharga Oasis, Egypt. ©   وادي البطيخ  

Prof. Atteff Hosni was the guider for this field trip. I remember the frame of geohisory about it, what he said about the origin of that shape. He guess those Battekhes transferred in desert by stream and become in a

With my colleagues around one of those "بطيخ"

lake bottom. the lake evaporated or chemical reaction I can’t remember. I would if I recorded what was he said!

I left behind voice record to Prof. Attef about geohistory of the wadi, rock sample; I don’t know how can i take sample form those kind of rock? “methodology” I think it’s not just break a pieces of it. And I left some geological photos for the entire wadi.

I liked this wadi so much. you know a place that trigger you to think and musing!

5 thoughts on “Origin of Wadi Elbattekh – وادي البطيخ Accretionary Wedge #36

  1. Thank you for your contribution. These “watermelon rocks” are fascinating, especially the “soft to touch” part.

    I hope you or someone else arrives at a good explanation for these.

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